Jason is a photographer, painter and curator based in Detroit, Michigan. He is known for his signature elegant, gold, nature infused, and dramatic painterly style.


Jason's creative path started from childhood, quietly drawing little tigers in his bedroom to illustrating cartoon and video game characters for kids in the neighborhood. In college he was led to the wonders of oil paint, which quickly became his main source of media because of how slow it dried. It works well with a busy scheduled, he would add a few strokes here and there between classes. Jason initially picked up a camera to digitize his own artwork, but eventually it became another form of creative expression. “Painting is therapy, so I use photography to fullfill my urge to create in a more collaborative format”. Through the manipulation of light and pixels, he began creating work that exists somewhere in-between painting and photography. Specializing in creative, portrait, and fashion photography. Driven by his passion to be a visual problem solver and his love for creative collaboration, he utilizes his uniquely talented and driven crew and production resources to push boundaries and elevate his commissioned and personal work.